Day to Day is an easy to use diary application.

It lets you record your day to day memories. It enriches the user experience by automatically recording user location and current weather with each entry.
User can also set their mood.


  • Records your entries easily whenever you want
  • Add as many photos as you like using your webcam
  • Current location is recorded and displayed automatically on the entry page
  • Current location is recorded and displayed automatically on the entry page
  • Set a mood for each entry

Next Versions

  • Browse entries from a calendar
  • Show entries on a map
  • Display your overall mood for a selected period of time
  • Store your entries on cloud
  • Export and backup your entries

How to Use

After the application is launched the user is greeted with options. In this initial release, only two of these are functional.

To create a new entry, just click on "NEW ENTRY". At the first launch, the application will ask for permission to use location. Allow to see current location and weather information. Use the main area to write your entry. If you want to add photos simply click on the camera icon at the upper left side. Again, the first time the app will prompt for permission. To remove photos simply swipe any photo slightly to the right, then the photo will be selected and a menu will be displayed at the bottom of the screen, then click "Remove Photo".

To view previous entries click the "ENTRIES" in the main page. All of the previous entries are displayed in this page, grouped by months. To view a particular entry, just click on it. Any changes can be made and saved in this screen. If you want to remove this entry, simply bring up the app menu by swiping your finger from the outer bottom edge of the screen upwards, then click "Delete Entry".

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